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Dr Ben's Paws & Claws 32oz
Cedar oil spray for dogs
32oz Paws & Claws Cedar Oil

Dr. Ben's Paws & Claws Cedar Oil Spray
Use to kill and repel fleas, ticks and mites.
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Cedar Oil Spray For Dogs, and other pets.
Dr. Ben's Paws & Claws is a natural bio-solution that kills fleas, ticks and mites.
  • Made with natural ingredients (cedar Oil)
  • 100% safe for pets
  • Will not enter bloodstream
  • Does not contain Toxic Chemicals
*Not Recommended for cats (See extended information)
  • Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws formulation does not neutralize insects by poisoning. But act in one or a combination of the following ways to kill them.
  • Osmotic Dehydration Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws formulation leaches the insects body from moisture and dehydrates them.
  • Prevention of Breathing: By irritating the respiratory system of the insects, especially those with high olfactory nature, Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws formulation forces insects to avoid breathing, shutting down to avoid the extremely powerful irritants and thus committing suicide.
  • Pheromonal Interference: that interrupts and attacks the octopamine neuro-receptors, crucial for neurotransmitter’s regulation of metabolism, movement, feeding, reproduction and behavior.
  • Dissolving Insect Eggs, Larvae, Pupae, and Eroding the Exoskeleton and Cuticle of Adult Insects, thus exposing the inner delicate parts of the insects for demise.

  • Therefore, theoretically and practically, the majority of insects which come into contact with this formulation will either become overwhelmed and die or simply move on to another area. Furthermore, there is no mechanism by which any insect can develop resistance to our cedar oil formulations. That is why insects exposed to the effects of Dr. Ben’s Paw & Claws will no doubt, sooner or later die or flea the area including the next three generational phases: Eggs, Larvae and Pupae.